Individualized, cost-effective home health care

consultation services that improve agency

performance and maintain or increase reimbursement


  • OASIS Auditing and Review
  • ICD-10 Diagnosis Coding
  • Review and Auditing of Routine Clinical Visits
  • Additional Documentation Requests
  • Pre-Claim Review
  • Performance Improvement Projects
  • Fall Risk Prevention and Infection Control Programs
  • Webinars and Live Educational Sessions for Staff, Clinicians and Management
  • Referral Coordination
  • Scheduling
  • Face to Face Requirements
  • Denials and Appeals
  • Policy and Procedure Review/Update/Creation
  • Mock Survey
  • Hiring/Training of Staff and Clinicians
  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Marketing Strategy

Hourly and package rates available

Consultation available 7 days a week via telephone, e-mail, web conferences and/or face to face

Goal: To ensure home health care agencies have access to individualized, cost-effective consultation services in order to remain compliant with all state and federal guidelines for home care as well as maintain and/or increase reimbursement from all insurance types.


To provide valuable resources, expertise and insight to assist health care organizations with maximizing their business potential.


Hi! I am Ashlee Oliver and I am the sole proprietor of JWO Home Health Consultants, LLC.

JWO was established as a small business in the state of Indiana in 2020 after remaining only a dream for several years. I have acquired many years of experience in the home health care industry in many different roles, including but not limited to director of nursing, quality assurance manager and alternate administrator. Additionally, I have spent countless hours studying and becoming certified in all things related to CMS and state guidelines for home care.

As an OASIS D1 and ICD-10 certified specialist, I am able to review, audit and code all clinical documentation in order to ensure compliance and maximum reimbursement. Because of my background in nursing education, I am able to pass all of this information along to current or newly hired employees so that your own staff ascertains the correct processes required for compliance and certification.

I pride myself on the ability to clinically appeal insurance denials and requests for reimbursement from insurance companies, using the clinical record and any other resources available to prove that the services rendered were/are absolutely reasonable and necessary. This has and will always be one of the most rewarding aspects of my career: defending the services provided to vulnerable populations.

Many other services are available through JWO Home Health Consultants. If your agency requires assistance in an area not listed on this website, please feel free to reach out to me. If I cannot assist you myself, I can certainly place you in contact with an individual or organization that can.

JWO received inspiration for its name from my mother in law, Jean Wille Oliver. Jean was a nurse for over forty years and was far and away the most intelligent person I have ever met. She encouraged me to never stop learning. I have her to thank for not only my Master’s degree in nursing but also all of the certifications I have received. She often believed in me more than I ever believed in myself. Jean always told me I should start a home health consulting agency to support home health agencies and their staff members remain compliant and maximize their success with simple, straightforward strategies. She also gently suggested that I hold fast to my values and run my company in an honest, humble, realistic and insightful way. I hope I do her proud. I hope you find all of these things and more to be true about JWO Home Health Consultants.


Ashlee Oliver, RN, MSN, COS-C

[email protected]
(219) 775-4368

(219) 775-4368